Top 10 Modes of Transportation in Harry Potter

Top 10 Modes of Transportation in Harry Potter

We've all seen (and read about) the enchanting Hogwarts Express--a delightful train that travels swiftly through the countryside to bring hundreds of excited witches and wizards to their magical school. If you think about it, there are quite a few unique modes of transportation in both the Harry Potter novels and films. Some are pretty awesome, while some are downright cringe-worthy. Check out our list of the top 10 most interesting modes of transportation in the Wizarding World: 

10. The Toilet Network. So this one sits at the bottom of our list for obvious reasons--who in the world wants to be flushed down a toilet to get into a building? The answer is simple--anyone who needs to get into the Ministry of Magic after the wizarding world was forced to accept the return of Voldemort. Once Voldemort takes over, he forces everyone to use the Toilet Network to enter the building. There really isn't much to elaborate on here--the act of squishing both feet into toilet water and waiting to be flushed into your workplace pretty much speaks for itself. 

9. The Knight Bus. You might ask why this phenomenal purple, triple-decker bus full of wackiness is down here near toilet transportation. Maybe you need a refresher of Harry's journey on this rescue vehicle for stranded witches and wizards. First of all, Ernie is a horrific driver. Maybe this has something to do with the Knight Bus leaping all over the UK in a matter of minutes. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Ernie appears to be the only driver for the only Knight Bus in the UK, adding up to the fact that he couldn't possibly ever have time for sleep, as the bus runs day and night. At any rate, the sudden stops which smash one between the windshield and a slew of heavy beds, the very strange sensation of being stretched to squeeze between other vehicles, and the panic of nearly crashing into lampposts and mailboxes before they magically seem to jump out of the way of that oncoming purple monstrosity are enough to make one quite mad. Although the Knight Bus came in handy for Harry (after nearly running him over), we'll bet it certainly wasn't one of his preferred modes of transportation. 

8. Floo Powder. The Floo Network, a series of interconnected fireplaces, is pretty simple to use. The traveler merely needs to throw floo powder into the fireplace and speak his or her desired destination. The ease of use of the floo network and the relatively low chance of being hurt makes it ideal for children and the elderly, who may not be able to use other modes of transportation. However, using floo powder successfully hinges on the clear speech of the traveler--as we saw in Harry's case, his first journey by floo powder did not turn out well. Hoping to go to Diagon Alley, Harry stuttered and pronounced the word "diagonally", sending him, one assumes, somewhere diagonally along the Floo Network. He ends up in Knockturn Alley, separated from the rest of the Weasley family. 

7. Thestral. So, it's safe to say that these skeletal black horses with bat wings are quite intimidating when you can actually see them. Even more intimidating might be riding something you can't see. You can only see a thestral if you have seen death, so Harry (after Cedric's death in the graveyard), Luna, and Neville are the only ones of the group that can see them. When they ride the thestrals to the Ministry of Magic in The Order of the Phoenix, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione are riding something they can't even see. So while it is probably pretty cool to ride these unique animals once you get over their intimidating appearance, it's probably not so cool flying through the air on an invisible horse. 

6. Flying Ford Anglia. How cool is a flying car? Arthur Weasley's obsession with all things Muggle leads him to enchant this ordinary Muggle vehicle. With a magically expanded interior, the car is big enough to bring the entire Weasley family (plus Harry) to King's Cross, and Fred, George, and Ron use the car to rescue Harry from his prison at the the Dursley's.  When Ron and Harry miss the Hogwarts Express, they use the car to fly to Hogwarts--we really can't think of a more exciting way for a couple of young wizards to travel. Of course, it would be beneficial if Ron actually knew how to drive, and perhaps they wouldn't have had an unfortunate landing in the Whomping Willow. However, we find that this fairly cool piece of machinery is pretty loyal after all, coming to Harry and Ron's rescue later in the book when they are surrounded by spiders in the forest.

5. Hagrid's Motorbike. Hagrid's motorbike (originally belonging to Sirius Black) is an upgraded version of broom travel. As we know, Hagrid is pretty huge, and mentions that brooms and thestrals can't carry him. He probably never learned apparition due to his limited education, so his travel options are pretty limited. Hagrid's custom motorbike is large enough to carry him, and also has a sidecar that can hold a normal-sized witch or wizard. This is a seriously awesome mode of transportation, and even riding in the sidecar probably rocks. Except, of course, you are being chased by Death Eaters who hit your beloved owl with a killing curse. We're sure it's probably not so cool in that situation. 

4. Apparition/Disapparition. This is one of the trickier modes of transportation in the Wizarding World, and a bit difficult to master. Once you get the hang of it, however, we imagine it's pretty awesome to be able to teleport yourself from one place to another in the blink of an eye. First off, you have to wait until you are 17 to take the Apparition test. Until then, you can apparate with someone else, in "Side-Along Apparition"--which we know Harry does with Dumbledore several times. We can assume that Side-Along Apparition requires some extent of expertise by the person doing the apparating, as Dumbledore never has trouble bringing Harry along with him, but Hermione accidentally splinches Ron when she attempts to apparate all three of them in a desperate moment. Although one must be 17 and pass the test to legally practice apparition, we find that Harry can still perform the task illegally as he never took the test, yet appears to be more skilled at it than Hermione or Ron (who manages to splinch himself several times). This method of travel is extremely cool, but it doesn't quite make the top of the list because of the slight discomfort (feeling like being squeezed through a tight rubber tube) and the possibility of losing a limb through splinching. 

3. Hippogriff. There were many interesting creatures in the Wizarding World, but one of the best has to be Buckbeak, the Hippogriff. This half-eagle, half-horse creature is very proud, and his loyalty and affection toward Harry is unmatched. He immediately allows Harry to ride him during Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures lesson, and later aids in the escape of Sirius Black after Harry and Hermione save him from certain death. He continues to live with Sirius until his death, when he then belongs to Harry. Harry allows him to stay with Hagrid once again, but Buckbeak continues to come to Harry's aid during times of need. Flying through the air on such a strong, regal creature must definitely be one of the best ways to get anywhere.

2. Broomstick. Now, your opinion on our number two choice might highly depend on what type of broomstick you are riding. We are talking about a Firebolt here in the number two spot, of course. This superior racing broom is an excellent way to travel, and if you can ride like Harry Potter, it must be an exhilarating experience. Now, if you're using a beat-up old hand-me-down Cleansweep, you might not have the same experience. 

1. Hogwarts Express. Topping the list is none other than the Hogwarts Express. Surely there is no more magnificent way to travel in the Wizarding World than on this beauty. Reserved strictly for students, of course, it isn't an option for adult witches and wizards needing public transportation. If you're a young witch or wizard, though, it's the absolute best way to travel. We know that before the Hogwarts Express, students could arrive at Hogwarts in any manner they chose (except apparition, of course). Broomsticks proved difficult, as you can't carry big trunks and pets. Portkeys were tough because people missed their time slots, couldn't find the object in question, or had a form of "motion sickness" from this type of travel. The Ministry of Magic eventually decided upon the Hogwarts Express as the official mode of transportation for students going to and from Hogwarts. This fantastic train allows students to hang out with old friends on the way to begin another school year, relaxing in plush compartments, feasting on delicious treats like Chocolate Frogs and Pumpkin Pastilles from the trolley. 

The Wizarding World is chock full of interesting ways to travel, and we've only listed a handful of the most memorable ones here. Whatever your preferred method of travel, we hope you've enjoyed remembering some of the most unique ways to get around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

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